A.J. Sports Grill

The biggest and best pizza in Wichita. Try our huge 29" Superdome specialty!

About us

Welcome to A.J. Sports Grill!  Home of the 29" Superdome pizza! 

A.J. Sports Grill, or AJ's, was opened in 1991 by Mr. John Crum, who traveled all over the country eating pizza just to determine exactly what kind of pizza he wanted to create, and ever since, that pizza recipe has not changed.  The name AJ is derived from Andrew Joseph and Alex John, John Crum's two grandsons. 

Just before becoming AJ's, from '87 to '91, the room was actually an indoor miniature golf course.  Then when it did actually open, there was a basketball court enclosed with plexi glass.  Essentially, you could sit at a bar all the way around the court and watch people play ball. 

The famous 29" Superdome pizza was introduced in 1993.  To accomodate for this giant pizza AJ's has had to custom make all the pans and the to-go boxes.  Unlike others, AJ's pizza is cut into square pieces, to make it easier for our customers to eat it.  The Superdome pizza is so big it wont fit in the back seat of most vehicles, and The 'Perfect 300' Superdome is over 10 pounds!  The 'dome feeds up to 13 people and is still the biggest and best pizza in Wichita!

AJ Sports Grill is now owned and operated by the JOMA Bowling Company and is still connected to the Northrock Lanes Bowling Alley.  Being attached to the bowling alley gives AJ's a very family friendly atmosphere.  However, with over 15 well placed TV's it also provides a very enjoyable environment to watch your favorite sports teams. 

AJ's does share a large banquet room with Northrock Lanes and it's perfect for surprise parties, corporate meetings, rehearsal dinners, you name it.  This huge room has a capacity of 30-100 people.  Call 316-636-5444 for reservations.

Carry out is available, please call us and place an order...


All Day Specials

All specials are dine-in only!

  • MON  6oz. burger with a side for $4.99
  • TUE   2 for 1 Small(6"), Medium(12"), and Large(16") Pizzas 
  • WED  1/2 Price Large(16") Pizzas
  • THU  6" Pizza (up to 3 toppings) & Salad...$6.00
  • FRI   Any Wrap...$5.99
  • SAT   10" Pizza (up to 9 toppings)... $9.99
  • SUN   Single Topping Large(16") Pizzas... $12.99 

Lunch Specials (11a-2p)

All Specials are dine-in only!

  • MON  Small Salad & 6" Pizza(up to 3 topping)... $6.49
  • TUE   Buy One Get One Free 6", 12", or 16" Pizza... 
  • WED  1/2 Price 16" Pizza ... 
  • THU  Small Salad & 6"Pizza(up to 3 topping)... $5.00
  • FRI   Any Wrap...$5.99

Daily Drink Specials

Monday: $2.50 Wells, $9.00 Domestic Pitchers, & $4.00 Lynchburg Lemonade

Tuesday: $2.75 Domestic Bottles, $1.00 off Bourbon, & $5.00 Mai Tai

Wednesday: $3.00 Domestic Bottles, $2.50 Wells, & $4.00 Kamikaze

Thursday: $5.00 Long Islands & Long Beaches, & $3.00 16oz. Domestic Draws

Friday: $4.00 Jack Drinks, $3.25 20oz. Domestic Draws, & $4.00 Margaritas

Saturday: $11.50 Shock Top Pitchers, $3.75 16oz. Shock Top Draws, & $4.00 Sex on the Beach

Sunday: $8.00 Domestic Pitchers, $4.00 Bloody Marys, & $2.50 Domestic Pints