Wichita Waxing Studio

I Wax Everything...But Your Car! Offering a variety of waxing services for men and women including legs, chest, back, full male or female Brazilian, Bikini and more.

I Wax Everything.....But Your Car!

SUMMER IS HERE! Now is the perfect time to begin your waxing experience. Don't miss out on the best Brazilian wax around! Get your appointment today with Cindy Kotschegarow, a professional wax therapist with over 6 years of Brazilian waxing experience offering services that only take a few minutes out of your day! Intimate waxing is not just for the girls! Boys are welcome too!  A Brazilian should never bleed or leave you with lasting pain and discomfort! If it does you are going to the wrong place! 

Feel weird about waxing? Don’t! All my clients are normal people with normal jobs who just want to remove undesirable hair. Typical clients are both men and women. They get a variety of services done from chest and back waxing to legs and genital area (Brazilian or Boyzillian) waxing. Wichita Waxing Studio waxes everything from head to toe! 

A lot of people are worried about the pain, but it isn’t too bad. The feeling is similar to taking off a really large band-aid. Well, maybe ten. Plus, the results are definitely worth it because you get to wait 4 weeks before doing it again as opposed to shaving daily.

i use a HARD BEESWAX for Brazilians and a SOY WAX for other body waxing. Both are very gentle and have never caused any adverse reactions in clients. Hair has to be a minimum of 1/4 inch long... long enough to grab and pull with your fingers. If you can't pull it, I cant wax it!

My clients are male, female of all body shapes, sizes and skin types. Everyone is welcome! 

Waxing is ideal for men who:

  • Sweat
  • Workout
  • Practice sports
  • Like to feel and look smooth
  • Currently shave any area... Waxing lasts weeks not days!
  • pre or post surgical patients
  • are sexually active

Waxing is ideal for women who:

  • Sweat
  • Workout
  • Practice sports
  • Are pregnant and do not want to shave
  • are sexually active
  • like to feel and look smooth
  • before or after any planned surgical procedure
  • young women who have just started puberty and are beginning to see hair growth

The ideal amount of time to wait between waxes is 4-5 weeks.

Pricing varies depending on what you want, but if you book several appointments in advance, you can save money. Appointments can be scheduled for a full body session but a credit card deposit is required

Before you wax:

  • Cleanliness – Shower and lightly exfoliate the entire area you plan to wax the morning before your appointment with warn water to make sure your skin is clean.
  • Hair Growth—Make sure you have at least ¼ of an inch of hair so that the wax will be removed. The longer the hair the better. Please do not trim before an appointment.
  • Pain Preventers—You may take an OTC pain reliever.
  • Points about Periods—Please do not schedule your appointment during this time of the month. You are much more sensitive and the pain level will be increased. Please reschedule if you start your period. The best time to schedule is at least one full week before your period.

After you wax:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing because your skin may be a tiny bit sensitive like a mild sun burn.
  • Don’t use any scented lotions for the first couple of days.
  • Try to keep your hands away from freshly waxed skin as this could cause irritation or small pimples.
  • Sex is not affected by waxing, but I do advise you wait 24 hours after waxing.
  • Opt for a warm but not hot shower after 12 hours. Do not take a bath for at least 24 hours.
  • after 3-4 days EXFOLIATE With Head and Shoulders to prevent ingrown hair.
  • Avoid tanning beds, hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms for at least 24 hours.


Please do not schedule waxing appointments if you have any type of skin irritation in the waxing area.  

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. If appointment is a No Show without notice a future appointment may not be scheduled. I am currently limiting the number of new clients each week and all appointments are valuable if not to you than to someone else. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who behaves inappropriately. FYI texting me photos is inappropriate. If you fo this I will not take you on as a client. 

Cash or credit/debit card only. No checks please. 

Please do not bring children or animals to your appointment.