Spanish Horizons

At Spanish Horizons.....ANYONE can learn Spanish!

At Spanish Horizons.....

.....ANYONE can learn Spanish!


Fun, small, and interactive classes give you the ability to use

Spanish immediately!


“I have attended and taught hundreds of training workshops, and this has been the most captivating, informative, and entertaining experience I've had.”
Dr. Susan E. Hendrich


“Excellent resources—Highly recommend this to people who work and deal with the Spanish speaking population.”


“Excellent knowledge, organization, and hand out materials.  The pocket guide is a real keeper.  Speaker has a fun style to her teaching approach.  Greatly appreciated!”


We provide:

  • Professional language training and coaching for businesses

  • Adult Spanish classes

  • Adult & Toddler, Kids, and Youth Spanish classes

  • Adult English classes taught bilingually

  • Citizenship and computer classes taught bilingually

  • Translation and Interpretation services

  • Personalized Tutoring


Our students not only get a high-quality class, but as an added value we offer:

  • Free weekly Spanish emails from their teacher

  • Free Spanish Builder emails to keep improving their skills with tidbits of fun facts

  • Free monthly get-togethers with Adventuras Culturales (Cultural Adventures) to experience a bit of culture

  • Reduced cost private tutoring

  • Free customized vocabulary upon request 

  • Community volunteer opportunities to speak with native speakers

  • Additional books, music CDs, and movies available for checkout