Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre features world class entertainment as Wichita's center for concerts, films, and more. The authentically restored 1922 theater is going strong!

About The Orpheum

The Orpheum Theatre in downtown Wichita originally opened on Sept. 4, 1922, it was the first atmospheric theatre in the United States. The theatre was conceived as a garden of old Andalusia. It's entire design was that of a Spanish garden or court. The original cost was $750,000.

The Wichita Orpheum was part of the famous national "Orpheum Circuit" and witnessed virtually every major star of vaudeville on it's stage. More than 17,000 acts appeared, with the playbill changing three times each week.

Today the Orpheum is home to concerts, films, cultural events, local music, dance, lectures and entertainment. Going strong after more than 90 years, the Wichita Orpheum is a beautifully restored theater with a reception venue, and versaitle stage.

There are daily puplic tours open to the public, $10 doantion.

In 1980 the Orpheum was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1984 it was gifted to the Orpheum Performing Arts Centre, Ltd., a non profit corporation which is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of this important part of our cultural and architectural heritage.